Random Exploration

Random Exploration Plugin The Random Exploration Plugin allows you to set Mandelbrot Explorer selecting areas to magnify at random.

What you have to set, before you click "Start", is how Mandelbrot Explorer knows when to stop exploring at random. You have three choices:

  1. Target Magnification keeps drawing until a magnification you specify is reached. You also have to choose how many images to draw to get there. Note that you cannot zoom in by more than a tenth of the image resolution each time. You therefore cannot zoom from 1 to a million in just one go.
    Stop at Target Magnification
  2. Number of Images Drawn draws the number of images you ask for, zooming in by the amount you specify each time.
    Stop at Image Count
  3. Amount of time Elapsed draws until the specified stop-time is reached. You also need to choose the amount to zoom in each time. You need to decide what will happen when the specified stop-time is reached. You can (a) finish the image you are on, or (b) cancel the operation to stop immediately.
    Stop at Time Elapsed

In any case, the random exploration will stop if:

  • The maximum magnification of 10,000,000,000 is reached, or
  • Mandelbrot Explorer finds nowhere to zoom into in the current image at any point.

When Mandelbrot Explorer is drawing a randomly selected region, the area being drawn is indicated by a yellow square on the currently-displayed image.

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