Welcome to the website for Mandelbrot Explorer!

Current Version

Version 3.3 was released on 25th January 2011. See the version history page for a list of changes and new features in this version. You can download it today.

Version 3.4 is in the final stages of being prepared for release, with a target release date of 9th December 2016 (give or take a few days). Help us out by trying the Release Candidate and giving us feedback as to any problems you may discover.

System Requirements

Mandelbrot Explorer runs on Windows PCs (XP, 2003 Server, Vista, 2008 Server, Windows 7), and needs the Microsoft .NET Framework (version 4.0 or later) to run. The link to download the .NET Framework is included on the downloads page of this website.

About Mandelbrot Explorer

Mandelbrot Explorer is free software, allowing the exploration of the Mandelbrot Set and the Julia Sets. With it, you can magnify selected areas of any of these fractal images – up to a massive magnification of 10 13 (that’s 10,000,000,000,000)! You can colour the resulting pictures in any way you choose, save the images to disk, and more besides.

You can see the kind of images you can draw using Mandelbrot Explorer in the Gallery. You can now order prints of the images you see in the Gallery as well. For more information on this service, please visit the Mandelbrot Explorer Gallery!


Here is a screenshot of Mandelbrot Explorer version 3. Getting started is very easy, so why not download Mandelbrot Explorer and see what it looks like for yourself?

Mandelbrot Explorer version 3.3