Basic Features of Mandelbrot Explorer

This section of Mandelbrot Explorer help explains the basic features of Mandelbrot Explorer, and will get you started. When you are ready, why not explore the more advanced features?

  • To get started, read the page on getting started
  • To learn your way around the program, read the Guide to the Main Window
  • The easiest way to select a region to magnify is to use the mouse
  • When you've selected a region to draw, you'll need to know how to start calculating the portion you've chosen
  • Sometimes, when you've been exploring a while, you want to go back to a previous image you were looking at. You can do that with the back and forwards buttons
  • When you've settled on an image you like, you may want to save your work so that you can return there another day, or to e-mail the fractal to a friend to look at. If that is the case, learn about saving definitions files and saving images