View Currrent Information

Current Display Plugin The Current Display Plugin displays information about the region currently being displayed. A screenshot of this plugin is pictured to the left.

At the top, the fractal being viewed is mentioned. This can be changed in the Change Fractal Plugin.

Next, the X and Y co-ordinates of the region being viewed are shown, followed by the resolution of the image in pixels. Underneath this comes the current magnification. The whole Mandelbrot Set, viewed at a resolution of 200x200 is defined as having a magnification of 1. The larger the resolution, or the smaller the portion being viewed, the higher the magnification.

Under this is another area labelled "Under Mouse Pointer". If you move the mouse pointer over the currently displayed picture, more information about the area you move over is displayed here. This includes the X and Y value of the exact point you are at (the actual value used to calculate the fractal, not the co-ordinates), the dwell value, and the exact colour under the pointer. Underneath this appears the region under the mouse pointer, slightly enlarged for easier viewing. Note that this enlargement is not done by calculating the fractal to greater detail (which would take too long), but by using bicubic interpolation on the image that is displayed.

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