Merchandise available in the UK

Here's some good news for all the Mandelbrot Explorer lovers out there. The folks over at Zazzle, who kindly sell merchandise with Mandelbrot Explorer images on, have just launched a UK outfit.

Their press release for the new UK site, launching today, can be found on their site. What this means in practice is that Zazzle can now …

Version 3 is still coming

With a completely redesigned fractal engine under the hood, version 3.0 of Mandelbrot Explorer should be far more efficient with system resources, and far better at giving the user feedback of how its calculations are proceeding.

It is still some time off, though – such is the nature of freeware developed in my own spare time!

If you would be interested in helping me test any beta releases (when they are available), send me an e-mail via the contact form and choose the appropriate option from the dropdown.

Order prints and other products with gallery images on them!

New feature: You can now order prints and other products that feature images from The Mandelbrot Explorer Gallery.

We’ve partnered up with Zazzle who provide all the fulfilment for this. Any questions over customer service, chasing up deliveries and so on, need to go directly to them.

But this is a great development folks! Fractals make great artwork, and now there’s a chance to order things with that artwork on.


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